Electric Dog Fence Reviews – Your Way to Get the Perfect Unit

At present, there are numerous types of electric dog fences in the market. These fences are perfect for all dog owners since they offer a lot of benefits to them. However, if you will choose any fence which will guard and limit your boundaries, it is good to know the numerous tips on how to pick a high quality electric dog fence.

To get enough details about electric dog fence, you should read multiple reviews. These reviews will let you know the best one that can meet your needs and budgets. They also help you know the different feedback of previous customers.

What are Electric Dog Fences?electric dog fence

An electric dog fence is designed to keep your dog within a set of predefined boundaries. It often consists of a buried transmitting wire that measures up to 1000 feet. Then, a receiver of that wire is attached to a electric dog fence collar that administers a mild shock or beep. This effect is observed when the dog closes in on the wire.

This electric dog fence is quite cheap compared to installing wooden, vinyl or metal fencing.  Unlike others, it also bypasses any property line problems. If you have this electric dog fence at home, your pet dogs can be easily controlled from roaming around the house.

Types of Electric Dog Fences – What are They?

Electric dog fences offer an invisible barrier that will keep a dog safely limited to a certain area. Since there are several people who opt to get the best fence for their pets, it is best to know its multiple types. For your guide, here are the different types of electric dog fence you shouldn’t miss to know:

  • Underground Electric Fence – This type has a cable or wire that buried around the perimeter of the ground.  The dogs will wear a collar and once they get near the wire perimeter, their collar will be shocked. This type of fence is a dangerous one. Though it gives a shocking effect, it doesn’t mean that your dogs will be in danger. Dog Fence wire from ebay is usually the best place to get higher quality material.
  • Outdoor Radio Fence – This type uses a transmitter that is situated in a central location. This transmitter sends a signal around the area. A shock collar is also used for this type of electric fence. However, there is no wire that needs to be covered like the first type. The signal passes on through the walls to protect both the back and front yard. You can also get a dog fence from multiple on line retailers.
  • Indoor Radio Fence – This is quite similar to the outdoor radio type. However, it is often used to keep a pet out of a certain area. Like other types, this electric fence is also easy to install.


ElectricDogFenceBuying Electric Dog Fence – What to Consider?

When buying electric dog fence, it is necessary to look for ways on how you can spend money without any regrets. You have to spend it wisely so that you can find the best product for you. To get what you really want, it is best to consider several factors in buying electric dog fence, and here they are:

  • Budget – You have to know your budget and look for a store where you can purchase a type of fence that is good for you. Once your budget fits the unit you prefer, then you can purchase it for good.
  • Quality – Before purchasing it from the store, it is a must to consider its quality. The quality of an electric dog fence is more important than its exact price. Sometimes, the price of a certain product is more deceiving than its quality. Some stores are offering units for a cheap price so that customers would choose their products. But what they don’t know is that those units will not last long as what they expect. Therefore, you have to look for a high quality product even though it costs higher. If you can find a cheaper electric dog fence, but with good quality, then it would be much better.
  • Features – Another thing that you have to know is its pros and cons. Since there are several types of electric dog fences, they also give different benefits. So, you have to be more cautious in choosing the best fence for your dogs.
  • Installation – You need to consider the proper installation of it in your house. Some electric dog fences require absolute focus on the installation process for effective functions. If you do not know how to install and handle it accurately, it is better to look for some experts who can install invisible fence batteries in your place.

The details mentioned above can help you in choosing any types of electric dog fence and how to install it properly. So, you need to be guided with these things so you can have the best end results.

Electric Dog Fence for Your Pet’s Safety

Electric Dog FenceElectric dog fence or sometimes called invisible fence is highly popular to dog owners who wish to provide their pet with the freedom while keeping them safe in a contained area. Dog containment requires some thought and depends on your pet. Even though your puppy is following your rules, there is no assurance that he is safe. Many people tend to tether or chain their puppy while their fence is not done yet. However, some localities have laws that are against this.

Before planning to invest in a dog fence, you need to determine if your dog is a jumper or a digger. The type of fencing that you have with your dog when he’s a puppy might not contain him when he grew up. Planning for excavations and privacy fences can be best as both digger and jumper dogs cannot escape from this. However, this type of fencing system can be expensive, and you may even rethink of doing this. Instead, you can invest from an electric dog fence as this is considered as the most cost-effective solution in keeping your pet safe while containing him.

Electric dog fence has become extremely common as many housing developments do not allow physical fences. Many people are against the use of electric dog fence as they consider it as a punishment for a pet. The shock that dogs receive in electric dog fence is light and will not harm their health.

Electric dog fence is even useful in training your dogs to become more skilled and disciplined. The only downside of non physical fences or electric dog fence is that it will not contain other animals from getting into your yard where your dog runs and plays. However, this can be addressed as you can always supervise your dog while he’s playing. If you can’t other people in your house can do it.

Solid Fences versus Invisible Fences

Traditional fences have been considered as the most reliable way to keep your dog safe while inside your yard. This is no argument to that; however, the only concern to this is that these fences are highly expensive. Many areas or localities have restriction regarding the type or the height of a traditional fence that you can have. Having a traditional fence that is not suitable for your dog is like wasting money. Your pet may dig under or jump over the fence and run away without you being aware of it.

Invisible fence of electric dog fence has the advantage of being inexpensive and can be used anywhere you live. There is no restriction regarding invisible fences as this are buried under the ground. This type of dog fencing is accepted even by the pickiest home owners association. Still, there’s slight disadvantage in invisible fencing, but this can be the only solution that you can get if you want to contain your dog in your yard without any physical barriers. Besides, there are things that you can do to deter the disadvantages that it has.

Electric Dog Fence – The WiFi Alternative

ElectricDogFenceFor people who are busy with charity works and other tasks, it is a wise decision to install an invisible dog fence to ensure your pet’s safety when you are not around. If you love WiFi and its benefits, you can try the WiFi perimeter fence. This is not a new technology since it has been around for several years now, and this is the perfect time for you to take advantage of an effective fence system. Invisible Fence is a national installation company who will actually install your fence system.

Basically, the WiFi wireless pet fence system falls under the electric dog fence, and it makes use of wireless communication. WiFi signals are used to track the location of your dog. The collar and the base have transceivers, thereby making the perimeter fence highly effective. A quality brand of this dog fence system can contain your dog within 2.5 acres!

Before you invest on this electric dog fence, there are some things that you should know. Conducting a thorough research on the different brands and features of the product can help you make an informed choice.

Most WiFi fence systems follow tone cycles and stimulation when the dog crosses the boundary of the perimeter fence. Depending on the brand or model, the collar will continue to beep when the dog is outside of the fence.

Contrary to the belief of dog owners, the WiFi electric dog fence doesn’t need internet service or a computer to operate. It is an independent device that is used for containment of pets. Because of the specialized electronics and power requirements, this electric dog fence system makes use of a slightly larger wireless collar. Hence, you have to determine if this system will work for you and your dog.

It might take some time before your dog can get used to the larger collar where the transceiver is housed. However, if you follow the instructions that come with the WiFi fence system, you can make it work. A little bit of patience and hard work are all you need to install and maintain the entire dog fence system in your property. We like this product http://www.flexpetz.com/perimeter-ultimate-ptpcc-300u-pro-grade.html

Like other dog fence systems, you will encounter potential drawbacks. Still, if this electric dog fence works for you and your pet, you’ve found the best deal. Japan is a popular country for its advanced technology, and if you want to keep up, you should try investing on the WiFi system instead of the regular electric dog fence. Now, you can leave home without worries because your pet is safely contained in a specific area of your home or property. Also check out this site they sell electric dog fence accessories. http://www.premiumpetmart.com/