Electric Dog Fence for Your Pet’s Safety

Electric Dog FenceElectric dog fence or sometimes called invisible fence is highly popular to dog owners who wish to provide their pet with the freedom while keeping them safe in a contained area. Dog containment requires some thought and depends on your pet. Even though your puppy is following your rules, there is no assurance that he is safe. Many people tend to tether or chain their puppy while their fence is not done yet. However, some localities have laws that are against this.

Before planning to invest in a dog fence, you need to determine if your dog is a jumper or a digger. The type of fencing that you have with your dog when he’s a puppy might not contain him when he grew up. Planning for excavations and privacy fences can be best as both digger and jumper dogs cannot escape from this. However, this type of fencing system can be expensive, and you may even rethink of doing this. Instead, you can invest from an electric dog fence as this is considered as the most cost-effective solution in keeping your pet safe while containing him.

Electric dog fence has become extremely common as many housing developments do not allow physical fences. Many people are against the use of electric dog fence as they consider it as a punishment for a pet. The shock that dogs receive in electric dog fence is light and will not harm their health.

Electric dog fence is even useful in training your dogs to become more skilled and disciplined. The only downside of non physical fences or automatic dog door is that it will not contain other animals from getting into your yard where your dog runs and plays. However, this can be addressed as you can always supervise your dog while he’s playing. If you can’t other people in your house can do it.

Solid Fences versus Invisible Fences

Traditional fences have been considered as the most reliable way to keep your dog safe while inside your yard. This is no argument to that; however, the only concern to this is that these fences are highly expensive. Many areas or localities have restriction regarding the type or the height of a traditional fence that you can have. Having a traditional fence that is not suitable for your dog is like wasting money. Your pet may dig under or jump over the fence and run away without you being aware of it.

Invisible fence of electric dog fence has the advantage of being inexpensive and can be used anywhere you live. There is no restriction regarding invisible fences as this are buried under the ground. This type of dog fencing is accepted even by the pickiest home owners association. Still, there’s slight disadvantage in invisible fencing, but this can be the only solution that you can get if you want to contain your dog in your yard without any physical barriers. Besides, there are things that you can do to deter the disadvantages that it has.