Electric Dog Fence – The WiFi Alternative

ElectricDogFenceFor people who are busy with charity works and other tasks, it is a wise decision to install an invisible dog fence to ensure your pet’s safety when you are not around. If you love WiFi and its benefits, you can try the WiFi perimeter fence. This is not a new technology since it has been around for several years now, and this is the perfect time for you to take advantage of an effective fence system. Invisible dog fence is a national installation company who will actually install your fence system.

Basically, the WiFi wireless pet fence system falls under the electric dog fence, and it makes use of wireless communication. WiFi signals are used to track the location of your dog. The collar and the base have transceivers, thereby making the perimeter fence highly effective. A quality brand of this dog fence system can contain your dog within 2.5 acres!

Before you invest on this electric dog fence, there are some things that you should know. Conducting a thorough research on the different brands and features of the product can help you make an informed choice.

Most WiFi fence systems follow tone cycles and stimulation when the dog crosses the boundary of the perimeter fence. Depending on the brand or model, the collar will continue to beep when the dog is outside of the fence.

Contrary to the belief of dog owners, the WiFi electric dog fence doesn’t need internet service or a computer to operate. It is an independent device that is used for containment of pets. Because of the specialized electronics and power requirements, this electric dog fence system makes use of a slightly larger wireless collar. Hence, you have to determine if this system will work for you and your dog.

It might take some time before your dog can get used to the larger collar where the transceiver is housed. However, if you follow the instructions that come with the WiFi fence system, you can make it work. A little bit of patience and hard work are all you need to install and maintain the entire dog fence system in your property. We like this product http://www.flexpetz.com/perimeter-ultimate-ptpcc-300u-pro-grade.html

Like other dog fence systems, you will encounter potential drawbacks. Still, if this electric dog fence works for you and your pet, you’ve found the best deal. Japan is a popular country for its advanced technology, and if you want to keep up, you should try investing on the WiFi system instead of the regular electric dog fence. Now, you can leave home without worries because your pet is safely contained in a specific area of your home or property. Also check out this site they sell electric dog fence accessories. http://www.premiumpetmart.com/